Facial Treatments

75-90 minutes • £78 – £85

Essential Youth Reset
Reveals a firmer, younger radiant looking skin using Electro – Sonic DF Technology delivering three unique peptides into the dermis.

Essential Moisture Boost
Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, dry and dehydrated skin is plumped with Hyaluronic Acid, promoting glowing smooth skin.

Essential Radiance Reveal
A targeted solution for sun damaged or pigmented skin. A new a cutting edge ingredient boosts and helps fade pigmentations for an even looking clearer skin tone.

Essential Comfort Calm
Ideal for sensitive, fragile, reactive skin. A combination of nourishing and restorative ingredients and low levels of Vitamin A helps the skin feel soothed, calm and more resilient.


Cool Peel Technology

45-60 minutes • £65

Blemish Control
Helps Problematic skins, a deep cleanse to purify and refine pores.

Bright Recovery
This lactic acid peel reduces the appearance of fine lines, and uneven skin tone, to leave the skin looking radiant and smooth.

Moisture Boost
A gentle peel, effectively resurfacing the top layers of the skin to aid in quicker cell renewal, revitalising tired and lack lustre skin.

Youth Renewal
Ideal to improve the appearance of sun damage and resistant photo damaged skin, revealing a healthy youthful glow.

Focus On
Facial Treatments

30 minutes • £45

Even Skin Tone
Targets and lightens pigmentation, using Vitamins A and C and AHA.

Eye Area
A powerful peptide complex ensures a refreshed, brighter hydrated fragile eye skin.

Frown Lines
Hyaluronic Acid, and intelligent peptide helps to soften the muscle of the frown lines to appear smoother and tighter.

Jawline and Jowl Area
Using a new sculpting ingredient this focuses on lifting and contouring the loose skin around chin and jawline.